Dancing is Great for the Mind, Body & Soul.
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About Us

25 Year Danciversary in Casselberry!

Welcome! Come On In!


That first step into a Dance studio can be scary, we know! No worries. Many visitors to Marino Dance Club have commented on how warm and welcome they felt from the first pass through our doors.

Whether you have 'two left feet' or are a seasoned dancer, are looking for better health, new friends, relief from stress, or to rekindle the romance, we'd LOVE to help you achieve your desires through ballroom dancing! 


Our Team


Marino Dance Club has stood for the highest standards of excellence in ballroom dancing for YEARS in Central Florida, with NOW 25 years in our Casselberry location.

Cindie and Jose Marino and John Evans have almost 100 years combined teaching experience, (amazing, seeing that they're all in their 30's!) and a passion to help you fulfill your dancing goals and desires, whether getting out on the floor social dancing or being in the Spotlight!


Activities and Events


Whatever your style or level of interest, we can help you reach your goals and feel more comfortable and confident on the dance floor. Whether you're looking to just get by or to grab everyone's attention, we have what you want! Ballroom dancing , Latin, Social or Nightclub, Beginner to Advanced- our adult dance classes can be taken with or without a partner!


  • Private Lessons
  • Group Classes
  • Dance Parties
  • Showcases and Competitions
  • Weddings and Social Events

Week at a glance

♪♫Look Out!! June is Slipping Away...and So is Our 25th Danciversary Special Lesson Price For YOU! Don't Miss Out! Call 407-491-2574 for More Info♪♫

      ♪♫Weekly Classes and Parties♪♫

     All Open to the Public  $10/each

                 Mondays, 6/3-6/24

    7:45- Sequences- Last Bachata Class               

       8:30- Advanced- Swing  Class

                     Tuesday, 6/25  

             7:00- Open Merengue Class

       7:45-8:25- 2-for-Tuesday Party

           ~*~NOW $10 for BOTH!~*~

                  Wednesday, 6/26

         2:45- Afternoon Open Class

    7:45- Groupings- 1st WC Swing Class

                    Thursday, 6/27

            7:00- Open Samba Class

           7:45-9:00- Danco Party!

         ~*~NOW $10 for BOTH!~*~  


                       Friday, 6/28

     7:00- Open- Last Chacha  Class 

    We Will Be Closed for Vacation the Week of July 1st-5th, But Look Forward to Even MORE Fun to Come on Mon., 7/8