Harriet Pontius, Nov. 22, 2018


"Marino Dance Club in  Casselberry is a great place to learn all different styles of ballroom  dancing. Whether you have some experience or none at all, it is a  friendly and welcoming atmosphere to learn more about dances you like or  be introduced to new ones. They are patient and teach to your skill  level, but also challenge you to get better at every lesson, group class  or even at their weekly parties.

I  have been going to Marino's for over 3 years and love every minute. One  of the best things about it is you don't have to have a partner; there  is always someone to dance with as everyone treats you like family. But  most of all, the instructors, Jose, Cindie and John, are some of the  nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet."

Donna Gropper, Aug. 25, 2016

 "I've been going to Marino Dance Club for  years. When I moved here I checked out all the area studios and selected  Marino's both for the quality of their teachers and the friendliness of  the people there. I learned to dance, met some good friends, and now  continue to go there to enjoy the dancing and fun. Knowing how to dance  changes your life in a profound way. No more panicking if you go out and  there's dancing-in fact, you'll really look forward to those occasions!  Jose and Cindie Marino, the owners, are great dance teachers and  wonderful people. The studio predates my arrival in Orlando 21 years  ago, so this is a business with longevity. I wholeheartedly recommend  Marino's to all who want to learn to dance and have a fantastic time  doing it!" 

Carolyn Franco, Aug. 15, 2016

 "Marino Dance Club is a home away from  home. A cozy atmosphere with awesome, I mean superb, professional dance  instructors that pride and strive for success with your dancing. The  club offers group classes nightly, M-F, and provides two dance parties  each week! Come and meet new friends and dance your worries away.  Individual private lessons are also offered, and can be geared to social  dancing or performing in two Showcases offered yearly. So, grab your  dance shoes and come join us at Marino Dance Club. Owners, Jose and  Cindie, make everyone feel most welcome. You will truly love your  experience. I most certainly DO! Hope to see you there!" 

Bernadette Cipriani-Major, Aug. 10, 2016

 Excellent instruction! Very passionate  people. I love the family atmosphere. If you want to learn ballroom,  have fun and meet wonderful new friends this is the place to be !! 

Pam & Mike Pearce, Aug. 5, 2016

 "We came for a taste of ballroom dance and  are still enjoying it after almost 3 years of participation. The Marino  Club experience provides an atmosphere that is friendly, fun, and has a  family feel. They have great instructors, fun parties and holiday  celebrations. You'll meet people with a similar interest and various  skill levels. If you ever wanted to experience ballroom dance or need a  place to continue what you've previously learned, THIS is the Club for  you!" 

Joyce Lien, May 2, 2016


Thank you, Marino Dance Club, for a  great day at your Showcase. It was very nicely done and we had a very  great time. Thank you, again.