updated calendar and class information



Tues. and Thurs. Party Nights-Only $15 for Both Class and Party!


Open Class-  This class is designed for any level dancer, normally starting with the  basic and building to some fun and more advanced patterns.

Wednesday afternoon Open Class is more free moving, and the dance is decided on between those in attendance. 

 Advanced Class-  This class is designed for more experienced dancers, and usually covers  high Bronze to Silver material or dances that are considered more  challenging. Can be quicker paced. 


Sequences Class- Running each Monday through the month, this class teaches a Sequence of steps in the chosen dance, so the dancers-especially leads-  learn to think quickly from one step to another and build an  interesting repertoire that keeps them from being 'stuck in the basics'  on the dance floor. 

The Friday Open Class is a similar concept.

Groupings Class-  Similar to Sequences Class, but for normally two weeks, helps build  memory and quick reaction with a few Fun patterns in a grouping.